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Daniel E. Greene N.A. "Green Checkerboard with Balloons Darts" Pastel on wood 40" x 40"



My name is Leighann Foster and I am the founding Artist/Teacher of Artists Who Teach. Registered Copyright, 2008

Artists Who Teach ( is a non-profit organization for the Artist who is also a Teacher. The artists listed are currently teaching, not teaching at the present time, retired, rehired, teach part-time, full-time, participate in school visits, home schooling, or produce instructional videos. They instruct on the public, private, or college level. Some are institutionally or privately educated and some are self-taught. Many have years of experience and are well known or famous and some are just starting a teaching career. The subject of the teaching assignment does not matter as long as Art is produced alongside the teaching experience and the artist has a web-site with a working address. For instance, you may be a Biology Teacher who makes sculpture or a Painter who teaches Art.

It costs nothing to join AWT.

My first goal for AWT is to bring together, honor, and respect the profession of Teaching and the Artist as Teacher.
My second goal is to show-case the artistís artwork, workshops, classes, books, instructional videos, critique services, on-line help, and photography help.
And finally, to offer the viewer examples of high quality artwork, in 30 disciplines, all in one place.

Each listing shows the artistís name, URL, a short biography or artistís statement, and a work of art. The viewer can click on the URL and go directly to the artistís full web-page for more information. They are listed alphabetically and by discipline. If an artist produces work in multiple disciplines, he/she will be listed in all of those disciplines plus the alphabetical listing for maximum exposure. An example of each artistís work is on Pinterest. Go to Leighann Foster on Pinterest, click on the person icon, then click on the AWT boards.

I always ask permission to include an artist. The image and wording are always approved by the artist. I recruit 95 of the artists and I do not always list everyone who asks to join. Take a look at the list and the quality of the work to see if you are a good fit for AWT. You will find many artists you already know.

If you are interested in joining AWT, email Leighann at Thank you for visiting over 600 Artists Who Teach.

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